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Custom Southwest Style Frame, Mirror and Bathroom Medicine Chest Designs
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Inside Adobe Step Frames and Medicine Cabinets

Natural Pine

Stained Pine

Outlined and corner carved

Two tone corner carved

Custom Designed picture frames, mirrors and bathroom medicine chests.

Welcome to our custom designed southwest picture frames, mirrors and bathroom medicine chest section..
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People tell us that southwest style bathroom mirrors and medicine chests are few and far between. These designs are available at the request of customers who want something original to match their southwest style furniture and homes.

Our first designs are based on the "inside adobe" step concept on the left with variations in woodwork, carving, stain and size options.
Click on the frame corner or name for a larger picture and more details.

You can get this as a mirror or a bath room medicine chest.
This frame is pine, we can use any wood that you want us to.
We will use any commercially available stain that you choose.
If you have a mirror or medicine cabinet design in your mind, draw it, describe it, put dimensions on it and e-mail it to us.
This two toned version can be a center of attention all by itself.


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