IUnusual and Creative Enterprises pictures, posters, prints, photos, words, images and any useful combination.
Arts, anything involving pictures, words and / or sculpture.
Artisans, those artist, scientist, engineer combination people who make things that book learning  alone  can only copy.
Crafts, mostly made by hand for fun and profit
Interesting processes, inventions and ideas
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Art and Words take many forms, both separately and in combination. Both are forms of expression and communication. Both can be symbolic, straight forward, descriptive, factual. Both can be deceptive or misleading. Both can be influential, well intended or not. Art and Words can be beautiful and ugly. Art and Words can be used for a particular end or be made just for the joy of how they work or look. Art and Words can be anything that a person using them can decide for them to be.

Unusual and Creative Enterprises encourages original, and not so original Art and Words by offering the ones that we like for sale and by putting them on display.

Unusual and Creative Enterprises encourages people to seek out and make all possible forms of Art and Words, whether we agree with the message or not. We will show and sell what we like and we hope you will do the same. The United States Constitution is like a muscle ... use it or lose it!

















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