Unusual and Creative Enterprises specializes in onsite website design  retail resale for micro and small businesses who are serious about taking advantage of what the internet can do for their business.
Arts, anything involving pictures, words and / or sculpture.
Artisans, those artist, scientist, engineer combination people who make things that book learning  alone  can only copy.
Crafts, mostly made by hand for fun and profit
Interesting processes, inventions and ideas
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Questions you should ask yourself before jumping in ...

Do I need a web page, a web site or any of this stuff?

What would I do with it if I had one?

What businesses can use the web most effectively?

How many ways are there to use a web site and what should my business do with it?

What do YOU use the internet for, besides e-mail?

When you go to a business website, what are you looking for?

These are also some examples of questions that we may ask you before starting your project.


These are some things that we are and have been involved with recently:

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Web Related Projects

"Look to the Source" hardcover layout, design and distribution.

Arem R. Jayar series of realistic optimistic rhythmic prose books.

Arem R Jayar Of Course, It's Obvious compilation of four Arem R Jayar books.


rickshaus.com (formerly rickswerks.com) Ricks Store

Arem R Jayar Of Course, It's Obvious website for the compilation of four Arem R Jayar books.


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