Unusual and Creative
                    Enterprises specializes in onsite website design for
                    micro and small businesses who are serious about
                    taking advantage of what the internet can do for
                    their business. U + C Enterprises is an advertising
                    and marketing design and consultation company
                    dedicated to the success of our customers. U+C
                    Enterprises does advertising design, photography,
                    marketing and consultation.
Arts, anything involving
                              pictures, words and / or sculpture.
Artisans, those artist, scientist,
                              engineer combination people who make
                              things that book learning alone can only
Crafts, mostly made by hand
                              for fun and profit
Interesting processes,
                              inventions and ideas
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Call 505 297 4518 or e-mail sales @unusualandcreativeenterprises.com

Unusual and Creative Enterprises specializes in onsite website design for micro to medium sized businesses who are serious about taking advantage of what the internet can do for their business. Unusual and Creative Enterprises provides web sites, web stores, photography, graphic design, copy writing services and any combination of these for micro and small businesses.

Unusual and Creative Enterprises prefers to work at your company with your sales force, fulfillment department, your service and support employees. We like to meet your customers. We want to learn your company the way only company members and customers can know it so that we can make a website that adds to your business reach, complements your way of doing business and adds to your sales. Unusual and Creative Enterprises will even help any computer literate employee or owner to learn how to update and even maintain your completed website. This is actually the ideal, who else would know better how your business should be portrayed and what and how to sell?

One of our strengths is high search engine placement. We work to make a website that attracts the attention that you want and will help your business grow. We concentrate on key words that your customers and prospective customers actually use. We write the site to attract search engine attention. We do not use gimmicks. We use good old fashioned marketing strategy. We want you to notice results more than web tech gimmicks. We want you to get calls from customers, new and old.

There are multiple ways that the internet can be used. In its most basic use, a website is one of the cheapest forms of advertising ever developed, as long as it is optimized and included in search engines. The term E-commerce covers much more than just online stores. The web can be used to build your customer base, offer new options to existing customers, automate services that you already provide, provide services that you could not provide before, give your customers more and off hours lines of communication and even create options that only your business can take advantage of. We want to make all these advantages easier for both you and your customers. Simpler IS usually better.

If you already have a basic site and want to improve it, to make it do things for you and your customers, call us. We CAN get more traffic for you. We use techniques that the search engines like and we will redesign your site to attract searchers who are looking for what you have to offer.

If you want to find out about selling your products online, call us. If you just want to find out what can be done, call us.

You can get an online 5 page brochure any where. You can make one yourself, for free, if you type "free website" into just about any search engine, but you will find out just how much time consuming work it is to make an effective web site. If you want the internet to work for you, to be an integrated part of your business, to help boost you from a micro or small business into a member of the next business level,

email to sales @unusualandcreativeenterprises.com,

call Unusual and Creative Enterprises at 505 297 4518 or write to us at:

Unusual and Creative Enterprises

2921 Carlisle NE Suite 200m

Albuquerque, NM 87110





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