U + C - unusual and creative enterprises is always looking for unique ideas, crafts, arts and inventions such as these cup charms and wine glass decorations..
Arts, anything involving pictures, words and / or sculpture.
Artisans, those artist, scientist, engineer combination people who make things that book learning  alone  can only copy.
Crafts, mostly made by hand for fun and profit
Interesting processes, inventions and ideas
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These silver colored cup charms and glass decorations come in the shapes of horses, buffalo, cowboy boots and kokopellis.
These cup charms are reminiscent of southwest style silver work and cover such southwest icons as roadrunners, chilis, cactus and kachinas.
These cup charms are inlay styled crosses, osos, hearts and turtles for the enhancement of the beauty of your wine glasses or to brighten and sparkle the handle of your morning mug.
Oso or Bear style wine glass decorations or cup charms.


Southwest style Cup Charms

There are four themes available, with more to come, we are told. We call them cup charms. They are designed as cup and glass ornaments but, as with all things, your imagination actually sets the limits of their uses. Click on the picture or the name for better pictures and more detailed information on the theme or themes that you like best..



















Southwest Frames, Mirrors and Bathroom Medicine Chests