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Daniel Padilla Jewelry
A Jeweler's Bench
505 321-6393
Blue Opal, White Druse Quartz, Diamonds, Necklace THIS is a wedding band. Opal, Druse Onyx, Diamonds, Necklace
Blue Topaz Ring
Opal, Amethyst Necklace

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Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla has been a custom jeweler for the last 25 years. He has won several awards from Exhibitions and the Jewelry Industry for his distinctive style and designs. He has also been a judge and juror in such contests and exhibitions, local and national. He has achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Albuquerque. To the observer, his designs range from Southwest influences to Modern Art, but, like many artists and artisans, he says that it is the jewels and other components of the jewelery that determine the final design.
Danny Padilla's shop, named A Jeweler's Bench, is small, only enough room for two or three customers, which is appropriate, because he mainly does custom work and original designs. Daniel Padilla is as much an artist as an artisan. He sculpts with gold and silver to complement the jewels that he cuts and polishes. The difference between a jeweler and an artist is the life that he gives to each piece of jewelry that he creates.
You are not limited to the rings and necklaces displayed here. Daniel Padilla is a jewelry designer, a silver, gold and jewel sculptor. Daniel Padilla can fashion one of a kind jewelry for any purpose, occasion, holiday or season. If you would like a series of pieces made for a particular person or group of people, just contact A Jeweler's Bench. A Jeweler's Bench will be more than happy to design jewelery just for you.


Daniel Padilla is offering the jewelery above in Limited Editions.

They are all perfect for Birthday's, Anniversaries, Holidays, Wedding proposals and just pure gift giving.

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If you are, or will be in Albuquerque, call for an appointment at

505 321-6393

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