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"Look to the Source"

"Even if you have to go a little farther up..."

Rick Manning

Look to the Source, even if you have to go a bit farther up by Rick Manning A little book about the Bible. READ the Bible.



"Look to the Source - Even if you have to go a little farther up..." By Rick Manning is a book about the basics of following the instructions of the Christian Bible. "Look to the Source" looks at the Bible as a practical set of instructions which IS applicable to daily life. There is no pretense about life or the lessons of the Bible being easy, but the author insists that the world would be a better place if people would have even the slightest intention of living the Bible's instructions rather than pretending to and using religion as a way to choose sides against each other.

In "Look to the Source," Rick Manning writes what he sees as the practical benefits and overall message of the Bible. He encourages all people to read the Bible as if they had never seen or heard of it before in order to try to understand it with out the ulterior motives of the "experts" who insist that their interpretation of the Bible is the will of God. Rick wants all people to be reminded in advance that the only way to even have a chance of knowing the Bible is to actually read it and he encourages all people to do that. "Look to the Source" goes over the Ten Commandments, Jesus' distillation of the Ten Commandments, the concepts of faith, repentance and forgiveness and looks at the life of Jesus as Jesus' way of illustrating his instructions on how to live life according to the principles of the Bible. Rick goes so far as to say that he would rather see people reading the Bible as it is than to make a lot of money from this book.

Unusual and Creative Enterprises thinks that he has some interesting points to make and that "Look to the Source" is worth reading just for the point of view. We also think that reading and making the effort to understand the Bible is a good thing.


Unusual and Creative Enterprises is strongly in favor of the free flow of information, even the ideas that you don't see here. Talk, think, read, write, exercise - use it or lose it!

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